Slim Master Weighing System


The Slim Master System is designed to be a low cost weighing system ideal for wheel loaders and skid steer equipment.

Key Features & Benefits

  • LCD, alphanumeric display
  • Dynamic weighing for continuous operations
  • Continuous display of bucket load and total load
  • Partial zeroing feature for precise loading
  • Water proof (IP65), compact w/integrated processor, w/swivel mounting for any cab
  • Intelligent software for self-learning calibration
  • Quick connect system for rapid installation and calibration
  • Accurate (+/- 1%)
  • 2 Machine calibrations
  • 16 bit processor
  • Available in STATIC or DYNAMIC versions.
  • Best return on investment (ROI)

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

  • Microcontroller Base: 16bit, 25 MHz
  • Display: LCD with adjustable contrast
  • Readings: Partial, Total, Selectable by Equipment Type
  • Power Supply: 10-30 VDC (Operates on vehicle power supply directly)
  • Accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Housing: Plastic
  • Protection: IP65
  • Operative Temperature Range: -20°C-+70°C / -4°F-+158°F
  • Printer Capable: Yes
  • Slim form factor

System Components

Slim Master Base System:

Slim Master weighing System Part No. 80.SL.MA014A.01
Qty Component
1Indicator Panel with Integrated Central Processor and mounting kit
1Hydraulic Pressure Sensor 300 bar
2ASC2 360 degree Position Sensors
2Weld plates for sensors
1Systems harness quick disconnect
3Installation kits
1Cable extension preeure sensor
2Cable extension ASC2 sensors

Slim Master Options:

STP6 Thermal Printer Kit Part No. 80.UT.KT.0500.01 *
Qty Component
1STP6 Thermal printer
1STP6 Cable
1Mounting bracket

* The STP6 Thermal Printer Kit is optional. See product literature for details

Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts List
Description Part No.
Pressure sensor 300 bar type Y11 4745AV45.600117.01
Pressure sensor 350 bar type Y11 4745AV45.600118.01
Slim display/Control box for wheel loader43.31.2105B2.01
Slim display/control box f/ lift truck43.31.2105B3.01
ASC2 Sensor 360 degree wheel loader45.10.1101XX.01
Sensor Proximity PNP f/Lift truck45.50.0110XX.01
Kit Installation Proximity f/Lift truck46.11.0017XX.01
Kit Install Tie-wraps and wire loom46.11.0024XX.01
Kit Install Electrical-Mechanical46.11.0027XX.01
Kit Installation plates ASC2 sensors46.11.0032XX.01
Kit Ram mount Display46.12.0200XX.01
Cable Extension pressure sensor 15ft (5m)46.41.2901XX.01
Cable extension proximity sensor 18ft (6m)46.41.3001XX.01
Cable extension ASC2 sensor46.41.5000XX.01
Harness main SLIM46.43.0502XX.01
STP6 Printer
Mount Ram base Installation kit 46.12.0501XX.01
Cable Printer STP6 15 ft (5m)46.46.0006XX.01
Printer STP6 thermal unit46.50.1501XX.01


Slim Master Weighing System Brochure

System features and technical specifications
PDF File Approx. 1.5 mb


Slim Master Weighing System User Manual

Detailed user instructions
PDF File Approx. 3 mb


Slim Master Weighing System Installation & Calibration Manual

Installation and calibration instructions
PDF File Approx. 6 mb


Slim Master Weighing System Parts List

Detailed system parts list & product Information
PDF File Approx. 1 mb


Slim Master Weighing System Replacement Parts List

Replacement parts list with part numbers
PDF File Approx. 200 kb


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