I-View Weighing System


The I-VIEW Weighing System is designed to comply with a variety of applications for wheel loader or inter-modal equipment. This eliminates overloading of transport vehicles and optimises daily transport efficiency to the highest level. Companies with high production standards and maintenance monitoring applications will be able to take advantage of the I-VIEW state of the Art Technology.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Unique icon based software and color display
  • Essential for quarries and mines without weighing bridges, ideal as backup for weighing bridges equipped plants located far away from the loading area
  • Speeds up the loading operation achieving the maximum filling capacity of the truck, reducing laps to weighing bridges, avoiding truck over and under loads
  • Increases productivity of your machine by performing weigh accuracy within ±1% when loading loose materials
  • Thanks to its revolutionary loading and management technology, increases production and profit of your daily job
  • Has an outstanding self learning calibration that reduces drastically the system implementation time
  • Stores and manages daily totals
  • is capable of tracking different materials on the same truck
  • Performs among others important features an easy understanding of the key functions, adjustable brightness, 3 selectable alarms: 1 for date & 2 for time
  • Performs accuracy settings and warning message when unstable machine conditions are present

Technical Specifications

Control System

  • Microprocessor Freescale 16bit, 25 MHz
  • RAM memory 364KB program data
  • RAM memory 160 KB frame buffer
  • Flash memory 256 KB for software
  • Flash memory 1 MB fonts and icons storage
  • EEPROM 3 KB for Parameters Storage
  • Real time clock with 240 byte RAM and rechargeable backup battery

Mechanical Characteristics And Ratings

  • Housing: Plastic
  • Protection: IP65
  • Operative Temperature Range: -20°C-+70°C / -4°F-+158°F
  • Storage Temperature Range: -30°C-+80°C / -22°F-+176°F

Power Supply

  • Power Supply: 10-30 Vdc (Operates on vehicle power supply directly)

System Components

I-View Base System:

I.View Weighing System Part No. 80.UV.MA005B.01
Qty Component
1Indicator Panel with Integrated Central Processor and mounting kit
1Junction Box SD12-6
1Hydraulic Pressure Sensor 300 bar
1Boom Angle sensor AMU CANBUS
1Chassis Angle Sensor AMU CANBUS
2Angle Sensor cables
1Pressure sensor cable
1Power cable
2Weld plate f/AMU sensors
1Boom sensor protective housing
1Activating Control (Remote Control)
3Installation kits

I-View Options:

STP6 Thermal Printer Kit Part No. 80.UT.KT.0500.01 *
Qty Component
1Indicator Panel with Integrated Central Processor and mounting kit
1STP6 Thermal printer
1STP6 Cable
1Mounting bracket

* The STP6 Thermal Printer Kit is optional. See product literature for details

Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts List
Description Part No.
Pressure sensor 300 bar type Y11 4745AV45.600117.01
Pressure Sensor Weld on fittingY5 MASTERM14
Hydraulic ConnectionY6 MASTERM26
View II Display/Control box43.31.3300A2.01
Boom Angle Sensor AMU CANBUS45.10.2800A0.01
Chassis Angle Sensor AMU CANBUS45.10.2400A0.01
Sensor Proximity switch45.50.0108XX.01
Kit Chassis sensor mounting46.11.0008XX.01
Kit Boom sensor mounting46.11.0012XX.01
Kit Install Tie-wraps46.11.0024XX.01
Kit Install for Lift truck Assembly46.11.0026XX.01
Kit Electrical-Mechanical46.11.0027XX.01
Kit Ram Mount-base46.12.0201XX.01
Cable Connecting for Pressure Sensor46.41.0800XX.01
Cable Power Supply 15ft (5m)46.41.1601XX.01
Cable Pressure Sensor 24ft (8m)46.41.1701XX.01
Cable Proximity switch 24ft (8m)46.41.1801XX.01
Cable Chassis Angle sensor 24ft (8m)46.41.2201XX.01
Cable Boom Angle sensor 18ft (6m)46.41.2301XX.01
Cable Connection Pressure Sensor 24ft (8m)46.41.4401XX.01
Remote Control View46.50.0909XX.01
Junction Box SD12I46.61.0304A0.01
STP6 Thermal Printer Parts
Mount Ram base Installation kit46.12.0501XX.01
Cable Printer STP6 View46.46.0003XX.01
Printer STP6 thermalI46.50.1501XX.01


I-View Weighing System Brochure

System features and technical specifications
PDF File Approx. 1.5 mb


I-View Weighing System User Manual

Detailed user instructions
PDF File Approx. 3 mb


I-View Weighing System Installation & Calibration Manual

Installation and calibration instructions
PDF File Approx. 6 mb


I-View Weighing System Parts List

Detailed system parts list & product Information
PDF File Approx. 1 mb


I-View Weighing System Replacement Parts List

Replacement parts list with part numbers
PDF File Approx. 200 kb


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